Before the Workshop begins I encourage you to learn a bit about yourself, your strengths, and your personality :) 

The VIA assessment helps you explore your character strengths and discover what parts of your being are showing up for you in your daily life. 

VIA character strengths

The second assessment is the DISC assessment, this assessment is a personality quiz and covers areas like assertiveness, introversion, social engagement, and task orientation.

These assessments are for your benefit and you are not required to share outcomes or results, however if you would like to share we are open and interested :)!! Have fun learn lots and we'll see you at the first workshop session 8/4/2020 @ 9 PM EST

BETA Sign-Up

In our first meeting we will explore your impressions of your results of your assessments and also laying a  foundation for growth with discovery of what is currently working for you.



In our first session we reviewed the Pre-Workshop Assessments. We also covered what is currently working and what is going well in your business and in your life. Another way to look at this is what successes do you see in your daily life? How can you celebrate these successes? And, how can you introduce a level of satisfaction around the positive aspects of where you are each day?

  • Session Note:

    • The vision you are crafting for your business should be a compelling statement. It should let your audience know who you and your business is. And let them know what life affirming benefit you offer, whether that is through a product or a service.




This assessment will assist you in identifying and prioritizing your personal values. The goal is not to eliminate options but to consider possibilities with how these values show up in your life.

Great job completing your Defining Values assessment! In our next session we will review what came up for you while completing the assessment. Our topic for this session will be -Being Bold- and how your vision works into your future objectives.


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